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Multidisciplinary Storytelling Theatre.....

Total Perception was born in 2016 as a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company number 10016380, with a Community Account held at Barclays plc. Its creation has been brought to fruition from the immense charitable Theatre work its resident Artists have forged within the Black Country region, and among its underprivileged areas , children and communities.

Youth Theatre

 Our objective is to utilise the talent pools which currently exist within the local area and develop new learning in those individuals and groups whom wish to develop.  We further enhance their experiences through the use of local places of interest, history and heritage to fundamentally form the backdrops and stages within our arena. We therefore are a community group, working for the community and exploring our community through the community.

Community Projects

The Companies mission statement is to deliver outstanding professional and knowledgeable theatrical workshops and performance opportunities, within the community, fostering community cohesion, bridging gaps between our local community members and offering a platform to build a more grounded sense of belonging within those communities.

What we do

We use Performing Arts Techniques to create, devise and produce theatre with the community in the community. We achieve this by providing safe regularly available spaces in the community where people can come together and through the Arts promote cohesion, inclusion and development of skills.

We provide both Youth provisions and/or Adult programs to build life skills and lifelong friendships and offer a platform for local neighborhoods to re-invest in both their local surroundings and celebrate their own potentials and expressions of individuality.

As a performing Arts group we are interested in what people can do and not in what they cannot, so we promote inclusive and proactive workshops and projects to help people reach their full potential by developing their skills and support the mental or physical health of a community through well-being activities.

How we do It?

In short- learning through play. We provide regular accessible opportunities for the local community to join in and invest within, in the hope to build and offer a sense of belonging, coalition and unity with our community. 


Act One is the title of the outreach program run via Total Perception.

 Safe spaces are provided to youth theatre members across the Black Country on a weekly basis to connect with young performers and provide grass roots theatre instruction to children Aged 4-24 years of age.

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Sunday Nights


Roseville Methodist Church

School Street


Wv14 9DS


Tuesday Nights


Wolverhampton College

Wellington Road


WV14 6RN


We now run an adult theater company which meets weekly 2pm-6pm on Sundays

at the Silver Jubilee Activities Hub Coseley.

Classes are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

LAMDA and Arts Award For All

 As part of our learning outcome all youth members undergo Arts Award Instruction as they build and develop their theatre works. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible.

Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, four qualifications and an introductory award. 

Its is accredited by Trinity College London and builds UCAS points for Further and Higher Education.

Total Perception CIC is a Registered Arts Award Center and can be hired to run Arts awards at your venues!

LAMDA tuition is offered weekly and on request.

Artistic Director

Michael James Peters

Making Dreams Happen!


Michael is one of the founding bodies of Total Perception. Working as a freelance Theatre Director and Stage Actor, he has built lasting friendships and working relationships with groups and companies in order to devise new and evocative theatre works.

Michael Trained at Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD) and currently teaches at several Drama schools across the West Midlands alongside Writing and devising new theatrical works for our organisation.

He is our Ambassador for our youth provisions and our outreach program for funding.

He was awarded The 2018 Police Active Citizens Youth Theatre Director Award for producing new youth performances which changed lives through performance. He has received a Cedrick Hardwicke Performing Arts Award 2018, Local Mayors award 2018 and other many community recognition's for his youth and development programs.

[email protected]

Dudley Council and The Schools Activities Fund

Total Perception CIC has teamed up with Dudley council to provide a four week theatre and youth provision to be held across the Dudley area.

Children and young people, who are in receipt of free school meals, are set to benefit from a new government £1.2 million fund providing free holiday activities for children this summer.

The council is asking for parents and carers to register for the scheme by 31 May 2021 so appropriate activities can be planned in the school holidays.

The Holiday Activity and Food programme is a Department of Education funded programme and is specifically aimed at children eligible for free school meals. The programme aims to address issues identified through national research in relation to children living in low income families.

To register for the Holiday Activity Programme (for children and young people in receipt of free school meals) go to

To access the council's family centres go to

The Family information service can be accessed at

All parents and carers can also subscribe to the council’s resident’s ebulletin that issues regular updates on ‘school’s out holiday activities’ for children and young people.

3rd -6th August 10am to 2pm Coseley Silver Jubilee Park Activities Hub

· Tuesday 3rd Musical Theatre Acting/Singing/Dancing

· Wednesday 4th Trestle Theatre Masks

· Thursday 5th Shadow Puppetry and Puppet Making

· Friday 6th Rehearsals and performance/Showcase

10th -13th August 10am to 2pm Netherton Park Activities Hub

· Tuesday 10th Musical Theatre Acting/Singing/Dancing

· Wednesday 11th Trestle Theatre Masks

· Thursday 12th Shadow Puppetry and Puppet Making

· Friday 13th Rehearsals and performance/Showcase

17th to 20th August Mary Stevens Park Stourbridge Activities Hub

· Tuesday 17th Musical Theatre Acting/Singing/Dancing

· Wednesday 18th Trestle Theatre Masks

· Thursday 19th Shadow Puppetry and Puppet Making

· Friday 20th Rehearsals and performance/Showcase

24th -27th August Huntington Tree Park Halesowen Activities Hub

· Tuesday 24th Musical Theatre Acting/Singing/Dancing

· Wednesday 25th Trestle Theatre Masks

· Thursday 26th Shadow Puppetry and Puppet Making

· Friday 27th Rehearsals and performance/Showcase

Oliver with a Twist

Supported by Dudley Council Older people Innovation Fund

and Loan Sharks (IMLT)


The project has been launched to tackle loneliness in the local community with special attention focused on individuals aged 50+. The work with also aim to highlight and offer information around the subject of illegal money lenders and loan sharks. We aspire to write, produce and present a piece of theatre for the community and provide support and learning for individuals affected by its message.

The provision hopes to build a unique sense of pride to local people and the acknowledgment and understanding of our local geography, as all productions, shows and workshops are run and performed locally in places of historical importance or places of interest.

The project was established with the initial funding from Dudley Council and their Older People Fund to tackle loneliness and isolation with special attention to those over the age of 50. With 80% of our community cast aged 50 or above we have passionately crusaded this element and utilised younger performers where creatively demanded.

We used this funding to build a piece of theatre for the Black Country community, which utilises and all female and non binary cast to tell a reimagined Oliver Twist entitled ‘Olivier with a Twist’. The new writing dissolves gender stereotypes, explores friendships and increases understanding about healthy, unhealthy and toxic relationships. We then partnered with the Illegal Money Lending Team to highlight the exploitation in financial deprivation themes the play toils with.

As the play unfolds, we meet the individuals who intern exploit and abuse their positions, how they escape accountability for their actions and all contribute in the demise of innocence in Olivia.

We have established a cast of up to 20 local actors, providing them a chance to engage within the community at a grass roots level, spread the Loan shark message and doing so form a sense of identity and belonging in our community.

We aim to challenge the perception of abuse and highlight the manner in which abusers can camouflage their behavior. All human beings can benefit from witnessing this process but the openness and accessibility of characters and their positions in our lives and society will be a tale of positivity rather than gloom especially for the female identifying audiences. We aspire then to highlight abuse, provide safe spaces to explore options and discussions around the themes raised and leave a legacy of support and optimism in our audiences and communities to last a life time.

Tickets are free and available via our event bright link below.

Emma Thorp

Naomi Leeanne Milard

Michael James Peters

Adult Theatre Company

Projects in the Making...Pinocchio!

A poor man named Geppetto wants to carve himself a marionette in order to make a living as a puppeteer. He is given a piece of enchanted wood, and as soon as Geppetto carves the puppet, which he names Pinocchio, it begins abusing the old man. Once its feet are made, Pinocchio runs away, and Geppetto is arrested when he seizes the puppet. Pinocchio returns to Geppetto’s home alone, and when the Talking Cricket admonishes him, Pinocchio kills the cricket. Going his own way, and ignoring all advice, Pinocchio soon falls in with a variety of bad characters, particularly the Fox and the Cat, who scheme to steal the five gold pieces Pinocchio was given for Geppetto. Eventually, the Fox and the Cat, disguised as Assassins, hang Pinocchio in order to get the gold pieces.

However, the Fairy with Azure Hair saves Pinocchio at the last moment. When Pinocchio lies to the Fairy about the gold pieces, his nose grows comically long. Later, Pinocchio again falls in with the Fox and the Cat, who trick him out of his gold pieces. Eventually, Pinocchio finds the Fairy again and comes to live with her as her son. Twice he begins attending school, and twice he allows himself to be led astray, the second time resulting in his becoming a donkey. After further adventures, Pinocchio is swallowed by the Terrible Shark and finds Geppetto living in the shark’s belly. Pinocchio rescues his father and thereafter takes care of him. The Fairy then turns Pinocchio into a real boy.

Current project

Supported by Dudley Council Older people Innovation Fund”

Currently Under review due to Covid 19

An Idea Is Born

In an attempt to combat loneliness and isolation within the Black Country Total Perception CIC are offering a free 6 month project to rehears, build and produce a theatrical Musical production of My Fair Lady written and Directed by our Artistic Director Michael. the project is open to anyone and all are welcome.

Cast and Crew:

The project will offer weekly rehearsals:

Tuesday (Accessible on request),

Fridays 1-3pm vocal at the Coseley Library,

Sundays 2-6pm Full blocking and production at the activities Hub Silver Jubilee Park Coseley,

Open Audition dates are:

Saturday 21st march 4.30pm at the Coseley library and Friday 27th March 1-2pm.

Production dates are set to fall on 19th and 20th September 2021.

Everyone is welcome to take part both Backstage and on stage and everyone who wishes to will be involved.

An Application and information pack can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

Previous Project


An Idea Is Born

Big Local Lottery will be funding The Adult cast ACT TWO and our premier production of A Christmas Carol written and Directed by Michael Peters. A Christmas Carol recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man.

Empowering Theatre.....

As the cold night draws in, four ghostly spirits take Ebenezer on a magical journey through his past, his present and his future, hoping to show him the error of his ways. With Christmas spirit, fun, music and magic at its heart, this timeless Charles Dickens tale is brought vividly to life.

Performances Dates are Sunday 15th December 1pm and 3.30pm. All proceeds go to help homeless charities. Our 1pm show will be offered free to local community groups and inspiring community members so get in touch!

Previous Project

Youth Dementia awareness Project

'Good Night Mr Clayton'

An Idea Is Born

In 2018 Big Local Lottery helped fund a youth Dementia project which has formed the basis of a new multi-sensory interdisciplinary work. The Project entitled 'Good night Mr Clayton' explore Mrs Clayton and her daily life living with Dementia. in 2019 The Apple-tree Inn raised £500 to develop the work into a full length production which could also offer complimentary information sessions.

Empowering Theatre.....

The piece was written and Directed by Michael our Artistic Director and as promises was an emotional and shocking evaluation of stigma and reality. The piece aspired to highlight how Dementia impacts upon today's youth and the coping mechanisms we need as a community to face rather then turn away from our responsibility and approaches to those living with Dementia.

Empowering Theatre.....

Total Perception CIC has been proudly sponsored by Teasha and The Appletree pub Coseley along with the people of Coseley to continue its youth provision and impact on lives through the arts.

Total Perception CIC began to devise and produce a new Dementia awareness programme which encouraged Youth Actors to embrace the subject and become Dementia friends and mindful of their roles in society.

Together with the help of the community, Total Perception has now produced a new work which will be accompanied by a daytime fundraiser in an attempt to change lives, raise funds and awareness and provide information sessions for the people of Coseley. All funds raised will go to the Alzheimer society. A percentage of the youth production tickets sales will provide Arts Award Certification as a thank you to the young Actors.

The Alzheimer’s Society is transforming the landscape of dementia forever.Until the day we find a cure, we will create a society where those affected by dementia are supported and accepted, able to live in their community without fear or prejudice.

Upcoming Shows

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Feb 27th


Olivia With a Twist

Funded by Dudley council older people fund and IMLT UK


Per Ticket

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Oct 30th


Little Shop of Horrors

Musical Spectacular 


Per Ticket

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Dec 15


A Christmas Carol

Written and Directed by Michael Peters


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March 17


Willy Wonka

New Writing exploring the traditional story and how it all started.


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Dec 20



A traditional Victorian ghost Story


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Oct 20


Dementia Project 

'Good Night Mr Clayton'

Raising awareness and creating Dementia Friends

The Coseley School Theatre

(October 20th 1pm and 3pm Fundraiser 12-4pm 2019)


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Sep 15


Wizard of Oz


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Sep 01


The Lion King musical

A music spectacular


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Mar 19


Act One Talent Showcase

Shakespeare retold for modern audiences


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Funding Review 2018

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Where it all began...

A short research film

Skills for Hire...ideal for schools!

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91 Central Drive, Coseley, WV14 9EJ


Office hours

Tuesday and Friday 9am-2pm: 01902593780

24 hour contact available: 07521909018


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Current Vacancies 

Total Perception CIC Theatre Company is proud to announce that due to secured future projects and funding we are looking to increase and diversify the Freelance Artists on our books and reaching out to our community for individuals to join our family.

The Company was established in 2016 to promote Arts inclusion in the Black Country region with the aspiration of utilizing Performing Arts techniques through Play and exploration to create Storytelling Theatre. We work with individuals of all ages and abilities to nurture, grow and expresses their true potential in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

We are seeking to embrace Artists who can embody our vision and goals and help fulfill the company mission statement by asking those who are interested to email their CV and Cover letter to our Administration team at [email protected]

Our invitation is open and ongoing and all forms of submission of interest will be considered. We are an inclusive and accepting organisation and therefore happy to consider all formats of entry be it handwritten, video, links to YouTube or direct conversation. Please note that all positions will require a high demand of safeguarding and health and Safety so we request a full current Enhanced DBS, First Aid Training Certificate ability to fulfill the role. However under the instruction of the Artistic Director and Board of Trustees, the company is willing to develop, support and make accessible any application that meets our overall ambition.

The company will offer three rounds of selection processes to fulfill current demands. The first process will begin with this post dated 30/06/2021 and end 07/07/2021 at 5pm. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a workshop with Children aged 5 to 16 years of age or an online interview. The dates available are:

Saturday 10th July 11am to 12pm (Dudley based 20 min slots)

Tuesday 13th July 5pm to 6pm (Bilston Based 20 min slots)

Online interviews will be Saturday 10th July 2pm to 6pm 20 minuet slots.

Video submissions of running a session will be considered and on extreme circumstance we will accept an invitation to come see you in your Practice or Praxis.

Please note that we are interested in individuals whom can run, rehearse and conduct art practices but also willing to accept and reach out to individuals who can offer workshop experience and skills relating to all aspects of live performance and /or including the producing and promoting works.

We will promise to follow all local and national guidelines and aim to create an event post restrictions for local artist to meet and mingle.

Our office is currently limited to one day a week and feedback and responses maybe delayed due to current national restrictions but our Artistic Director will personally oversee all applications and is extremely excited and passionate about this drive and may contact you directly.

“Remember we are interested in what people can do, not what they can’t . If our creative team can make it work they will. We stand behind our stakeholders…all of them! If they have to Zoom Teach from Glasgow, why not? We have all taught from home….inspiration has no bounds!”

Michel James Peters

Artistic Director 

Current Vacancies:

Now open!

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